Candle Lighting 4:50pm

22nd June | 9 Tammuz

21 Jun, 2018 | 8 Tammuz, 5778

About Us

About Us

Caulfield Shule is an inclusive modern Orthodox Synagogue, located in a centrally located, attractive, well-functioning and active community centre.

We are constantly striving to achieve increased levels of Shule attendance and to offer our congregants a variety of social and educational activities. We aspire to appeal to all ages, with programs targeted at toddlers and mothers, youth of all ages, young adults, right through to the elderly through our Tuesday Shmoozeday program.

We are constantly striving to improve the Shule facilities, to consolidate and build on our inspirational spiritual and lay leadership, to undertake social justice initiatives and to achieve excellent outreach to both our own stakeholders and the wider Victorian Jewish community.