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22nd June | 9 Tammuz

21 Jun, 2018 | 8 Tammuz, 5778

Aliyot Policy

Thursday, 19 January 2017 | 21 Tevet, 5777

 Maximum Aliyot Numbers per week:

  • Normal Shabbat
  • target 7, maximum 8 plus Maftir
  • Simcha Shabbat
  • target 8, in exceptional circumstances the President may extend to 10 plus Maftir
  • Double Simcha Shabbat
  • target 10 plus Maftir

Order of Entitlement to an Aliyah:

  1. bridegroom on the day of the wedding 
  2. bridegroom on the Shabbat before his wedding
  3. Barmitzvah on the Shabbat after his birthday
  4. husband whose wife has given birth on the first Shabbat his wife attends Shule after the birth
  5. bridegroom whose marriage has taken place earlier that week
  6. observing yahrtzeit for a parent on the day
  7. father of a baby boy on the Shabbat before the bris

Other occasions for an Aliyah that are not a requirement, but every attempt will be made to accommodate if there is space available, include:

  • returning from journey
  • recovery from illness
  • significant birthday or anniversary
  • special achievement
  • yahrtzeit in the coming week, or spouses yahrtzeit
  • newcomer or visitor to Shule
  • end of Shiva or Shloshim

Aliyot for Simcha:

Guaranteed Aliyah for Simcha is the Ba’al Simcha only. The number of Aliyot we endeavour to allocate per simcha is as follows:

  • Barmitzvah 
    • 4…barmitzvah (Maftir), father, 2x grandfathers
  • Chatan
    • 3…chatan, father, father-in-law
  • Baby Naming
    • 1…father

 Other family and guests can be accommodated in opening the Ark, taking out the Torah, Hagbah, Gelilah and opening the Ark for Anim Zmirot

The President or Acting President may, when he deems it necessary add a maximum of one extra Aliya to the prescribed number of Aliyot. He must report to the congregational committee the number of times he has added this extra Aliya on a quarterly basis.

Please fill out an Aliyah Request Form to organise your call up.