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22nd June | 9 Tammuz

21 Jun, 2018 | 8 Tammuz, 5778

Eligibility to Membership Rates

Friday, 30 May 2014 | 1 Sivan, 5774

The eligibility for Member’s Rates, with respect to the booking of life cycle events for direct relatives, is defined as follows:

  • The member 
  • The member’s spouse
  • The member’s child, including guardianship, within the household 
  • The member’s parent


Eligibility for Member’s Rates is available immediately for members who are also seatholders; however there is a 12 month waiting period for non-seatholder members.

Member benefits are for the members only and cannot be passed onto a third party.

Eligibility for Member’s Rates is extended to persons who have resigned their membership due to ill health but who had been a member continuously for an unbroken period of at least 10 years and who has not subsequently joined another Shule.

The Caulfield Hebrew Congregation Standard List of Costs and Charges is set by the Board of Management from time to time and is available on request from the Shule office or on the website under downloadable forms.

 This policy is effective from March 29 2009