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22nd June | 9 Tammuz

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Simcha Sharing Policy

Friday, 11 July 2014 | 13 Tammuz, 5774

Updated:  October 2015

We are delighted that you and your family will be celebrating your Simcha with us. We would like to share a few pointers to help ensure a smooth and happy occasion within the Shule community.

For a Barmitzvah or wedding, we expect you will be meeting with the Rabbi as you make your plans. For a wedding or Barmitzvah it will be necessary to bring your parents' Ketubah and other relevant documents. Please ensure that your preferred dates are booked into the Shule calendar. We will make every effort to accommodate your preferences, but double bookings may arise, and we ask for your co-operation should the sharing of call-ups, Kiddush spaces, etc become necessary. We in the CHC office will make every effort to inform you as early as possible should this situation arise.

Please find attached to this document an Aliyot Request Form asking you for the names and contact information of those whom you'd like called up. We have allowed for priority requests as we cannot always accommodate the number of honours you may wish for.

Your simcha is a wonderful opportunity to show support and encourage the support of your friends and family for Caulfield Hebrew Congregation. Our Shule relies on the generosity of its members, seatholders and ba'aleh simcha (those having family celebrations) to provide its crucial programs and initiatives in the areas of education, social programs, youth activities, seniors' support, and Jewish continuity.

Please note that a minimum Aliyah donation by your guests should be $54. The Aliyah donation by Ba'aleh simcha is expected to be a minimum of $180. We would ask that you discuss this matter with your guests before the Simcha. Please note that you can "buy the Bimah" - that is restrict the majority of the Aliyot to your own call-ups, at a cost of $1,000, (with no solicitation of your guests)

To celebrate your Simcha by undertaking the Mitzvah of Tzedaka, the following donations would assist CHC greatly:
Donating a siddur $50
Donating a machzor $54
Sponsoring Friday night l'chaim $100

Important Information regarding Smachot at CHC:
• Please note that if you are not planning to hold your Kiddush at our Shule, you will be expected to contribute to an open Kiddush for Congregants. Details of costs are available on application.

• Barmitzvah bookings – Please note that Barmitzvah bookings can only be taken from CHC members. For those who are not members, application forms for Barmitzvah bookings will be accompanied by a membership application form. This needs to be completed and lodged for the Barmitzvah booking to be registered in the CHC calendar. For existing bookings from non-members, membership application forms will be mailed out together with a letter of explanation regarding the new policy.

• All wedding ceremonies taking place at the CHC Synagogue need to be conducted by one of the rabbinical team, Rabbi R. Genende, Rabbi M. Krasnjanski or Rabbi P. Heilbrunn.

• All wedding ceremonies (chuppot), taking place at Caulfield Hebrew Congregation (CHC), need to be approved by the senior rabbi, Rabbi Ralph Genende.

• The involvement of any other Rabbis, guests or witnesses is welcome, but at the discretion of the Caulfield Hebrew Congregational Rabbi who is conducting the ceremony.

• For any wedding reception or Barmitzvah reception at which CHC Klai Kodesh (Spiritual staff) are asked to attend, catering must be certified kosher under the supervision of Kosher Australia. If this is not the case, the Rabbi will not participate at the reception.

• It is expected that all brides and other guests who are part of the chuppah or ceremony or witnesses standing near the Chuppah are appropriately and modestly attired during wedding ceremonies at which CHC Rabbis officiate. If a bride is inappropriately dressed she could be asked to cover herself with a shawl (provided by the Rabbi).

For further information or bookings contact
Yael Garkawe on 9525 9492 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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