Candle Lighting 4:50pm

22nd June | 9 Tammuz

21 Jun, 2018 | 8 Tammuz, 5778


CHC’s Chazanim and assistant Chazanim are most talented cantors who help to enhance the Shule services.

Dov Farkas

Dov was born in Sydney, Australia in 1974 and was destined to become a Chazzan from a very early age. The son of the world renowned Chazzan Shimon Farkas, Dov grew up in an atmosphere of Jewish liturgical music.

Dov's talent was first recognised at the tender age of nine, when he frequently sang alongside his father as a soloist in Sydney's Central Synagogue.

Dov and his father's first recording, "Haven Yakir Li", was released in 1987. In 1990, Dov recorded a second album with his father together with the famed Concord Hotel Symphonic Chorale from New York. In 2007, Dov released his debut solo recording"Boi Beshalom" to wide international acclaim.

Dov has performed in many concerts and as a guest Chazzan around the world, and is equally at home on stage and on the bimah. The combination of Dov's knowledge and interpretation of traditional nusach and chazanut, together with his inclusion of modern tunes into the tefillah, makes davening with Dov a truly haimish and enjoyable experience.

Dov served as Chazzan of the South Head Synagogue in Sydney for eight years, after which time he served as Chazzan of the Chabad House of Caulfield - 770 in Melbourne for five years. In 2008 Dov was appointed as the Chief Cantor of the Caulfield Hebrew Congregation in Melbourne, one of Australia’s largest Synagogues.

Dov is married to Miriam and they have 3 children, Libby, Ari and Reena.

Dov Farkas Chazzan Rishon

Gedaliah Levin

Gedaliah first began attending Caulfield Shule in 1994 at the age of seven. Over the past two decades, he has been a regular and active congregant, and celebrated both his Bar Mitzvah and Aufruf on the Caulfield Shule premises. He has many fond memories of growing up in Caulfield Shule, most notably singing on the bimah with Chazzan Braun. Since 2005 he has served as the Baal Koreh in the Main Shule and has also assumed numerous other roles in the Klei Kodesh department. These include leading the High Holiday services in Or Chadash and the Overflow Minyan, assisting Rabbi Genende on occasion with visiting the sick and elderly in private homes, hospitals and nursing homes, performing or assisting with wedding and funeral ceremonies, delivering periodic Shiurim, and most recently, leading the Hebrew Reading crash course.

Gedaliah takes pride in his involvement with Caulfield Shule, and feels that his attachment to the Shule in no small measure inspired his career in Jewish Education. He currently teaches VCE Classical Hebrew and Jewish Studies Support lessons at Yesodei HaTorah College, and spends his evenings tutoring Bar Mitzvah boys who hail from across a broad spectrum of the Melbourne Jewish community.

Gedaliah is married to Esti, and together they have two beautiful children, Miri and Yudi.

Gedaliah Levin Ba’al Koreh