Candle Lighting 4:50pm

22nd June | 9 Tammuz

20 Jun, 2018 | 7 Tammuz, 5778

Bridge at Caulfield Shule

Thursday 1st December was the launch of Bridge at Caulfield Shule, under the banner of “Ben Kingham’s Bridge Academy at Caulfield Shule."

The support from our Caulfield Shule membership and the wider community was breathtaking.  The feedback was very encouraging with many of the players committing to continue supporting the program.  It was a truly exciting launch.

We set up 24 tables and we had a full house.

For this launch session, Ben Kingham very generously donated his time to Caulfield Shule. In addition, Ben has purchased 3 Nespresso coffee machines that will be used at every bridge session.  A real bonus for the players.

So now we have Bridge at Caulfield Shule and we are fortunate to have Ben at the helm. Moving forward every Tuesday and Thursday evening will be bridge night.

Further details on the expanded program will be published in coming weeks. - click here to view photos

Upcoming Bridge at Caulfield Shule Events

No upcoming dates yet. Please contact us for more information.