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14th December | 26 Kislev

13 Dec, 2017 | 25 Kislev, 5778

Rabbi Genende Keeps In Touch

Rabbi Genende Keeps In Touch

Rabbi Genende shares his thoughts...

Coming in form the cold

Thursday, 18 June 2015 | 1 Tammuz, 5775

Coming in from the cold Early winter mornings in Canberra are cold, bleak and often damp. This past Wednesday was no exception – the rain was bucketing down, the air was chilly, the streets were dull and dark. Located at…

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Being Different

Thursday, 11 June 2015 | 24 Sivan, 5775

Being Different To be Jewish is to be different. From our earliest beginnings we have proudly asserted our uniqueness. It’s not about superiority but about singularity. A singularity of mission, a people with a purpose. To be an עברי or…

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Rav Riskin - An Alert Heart

Thursday, 04 June 2015 | 17 Sivan, 5775

Rav Riskin – An Alert Heart This was a meeting that would have a critical impact on the direction I was taking in my life; it was an encounter that would change my best friend’s life. It was the first…

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Heard the one about the rabbi and the eight priests?

Thursday, 28 May 2015 | 10 Sivan, 5775

Heard the one about the rabbi and the eight priests? There is an old joke about a man visiting Israel for the first time. The oranges are all ripe and ready to eat. He climbs a tree, picks the juiciest…

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Shrine of the Book

Thursday, 21 May 2015 | 3 Sivan, 5775

It’s one of the most iconic landmarks of the modern state of Israel. Its imaginative architecture takes your breath away. It’s the Shrine of the Book, a wing of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The building’s white-tiled dome is shaped…

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Parashat Behar-Bechukotai

Thursday, 14 May 2015 | 25 Iyyar, 5775

Are you permitted to dress-up items in order to make them more desirable for a sale eg. painting over rust spots on a car or damp patches in a home?  What about giving sweeteners / gifts to children in order…

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Parashat Emor

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 | 17 Iyyar, 5775

This week’s parasha opens with a call to the Kohanim (the priests) to separate themselves from contact with the dead. They were not to occupy themselves with a burial or funerals unless it was of a close family member or…

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Clarity, perspective, passion and compassion

Friday, 01 May 2015 | 12 Iyyar, 5775

Clarity, perspective, passion and compassion What a marvellous celebratory Yom Haatzmaut Breakfast we had last Sunday! The morning ran like clockwork, the speeches were excellent, the presence of the Premier added an air of dignity and most of all the…

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Thursday, 23 April 2015 | 4 Iyyar, 5775

Cartoonist of the Melbourne Age, Leunig got it so wrong (yet again)  in his acerbic assessment of ANZAC Day Commemorations (in last Saturday’s edition). His depiction of a tombstone with the inscription “Truth is the First Casualty of War Commemoration”…

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Thursday, 16 April 2015 | 27 Nisan, 5775

Exodus   Pesach may have come and gone but I am still in a Pesach frame of mind. I can let go of the matzot, but it’s harder to relinquish the strong sense of family, the re-energising of identity and…

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Chag Sameach from Rabbi Ralph

Thursday, 02 April 2015 | 13 Nisan, 5775

PesachThere are few days as compelling to the contemporary Jew as Pesach. It addresses our need for family, our craving for community, our thirst for meaning and relevance. It’s all about possessing a strong identity in a dangerous, complex and…

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The Coolest Month

Thursday, 26 March 2015 | 6 Nisan, 5775

The Coolest Month   It’s almost April, there is a nip in the air and the days are getting shorter. T.S.Eliot may have called April “the cruelest month”, but on the Jewish calendar it’s more likely “the coolest month.” It’s…

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