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22nd June | 9 Tammuz

21 Jun, 2018 | 8 Tammuz, 5778

Caulfield Hebrew Congregation responds to the RCV statement on same sex marriage

6 September 2017

15 Elul 5777

Rabbinical Council of Victoria is out of touch

The statement released by the Rabbinical Council of Victoria on same sex marriage is wrong for many reasons. We believe the debate around same sex marriage and the associated legislation is a civil matter not a religious one. To interfere in a matter of civil law, and attempt to influence all citizens, goes beyond the scope of the RCV.

The statement has already caused deep distress to many across our community.
It is divisive and damaging and is also likely to further alienate many others from Orthodoxy, if not Judaism itself.

Caulfield Shule members can be assured that Rabbi Genende was strongly opposed to the RCV releasing a statement at all on this matter. The Rabbi has since resigned from the Executive of the RCV.

Caulfield Shule stands by its reputation of being inclusive, speaking out about injustice, building tolerance and drawing people closer to Judaism in a way that is personally meaningful.

We take this opportunity to wish all of our members a Shana Tovah and may the new year bring health and happiness to us all.

Anthony Raitman - President
Rabbi Genende - Senior Rabbi